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A fun sidenote from Saturday.  Friday night before The Game I was rooting through a box of Michigan memorabilia.  I found an old press pass to attend Bump Elliott’s (head coach 1959-1968) football practice.   I believe I got it off eBay many years ago.  It was issued to longtime sports writer Jerry Green, who at the time worked for the Associated Press:

I figured current AP writer Larry Lage might want to have it so Saturday I walked over to give it to him.  Larry saw it and looked at me and then blew my mind.  He told me Green, who lives out west, was actually on prem in the press box and covering the game.   So I found him and gave him back his pass:

Green clearly got a kick out of it!  He asked me where I got it, and he then speculated it was probably issued in the late 1950s, right at the beginning of Bump Elliott’s head coaching career.

Bruce Madej shared with me that Green is one of a couple writers that has covered every Super Bowl.  Many around these parts remember his four decade+ tenure at the Detroit News that ended in 2004.  He’s also a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Oh, and speaking of Bump Elliott, the man who authorized Green’s practice pass.  It turns out he’s still bumping around.  The Mad Magician was in Lincoln on Saturday when his son was honored during the Nebraska/Iowa game:

Elliott remembered: Former Nebraska assistant and longtime Iowa assistant coach Bob Elliott was honored with a video between the first and second quarters. Elliott, who was at Nebraska for less than five months, died in July after a battle with a type of blood cancer.

Elliott served as safeties coach and defensive analyst at Nebraska, the final stop in a nearly 40-year career that included jobs at Kent State, Notre Dame, Iowa State, Kansas State, Ball State and San Diego State.

Elliott’s father, Chalmers “Bump” Elliott, is a former Iowa athletic director and was in attendance Saturday, as was his wife, Joey, and children Grant and Jessica.



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