The Free Press is now saying that word that Greg Paulus visited Michigan yesterday and is considering playing for Rich Rodriguez is a April Fools joke?  On April 14th?  Really funny.

The original Freep headline read:  ‘Ex-Duke Point Guard Paulus may play football at Michigan’.   The new headline reads: ‘Greg Paulus’ Michigan football workout reported as April Fool’s Joke’ and includes this:

Editor’s note: This story was originally published by Fox Sports as an April Fool’s joke. We apologize for the mistake.

Hilarious.  What’s odd about the Free Press retraction is that there’s no retraction on the piece that broke the story, at least not yet.   This rumor spread like wild fire, boiling all the way up to Dan Patrick’s tired radio show prompting a poll question:


What a circus, man.

Update (a few minutes after posting this): My nerves, now the Free Press is retracting the retraction, going back to the original heading with the following note:

Editor’s note: We have talked with an editor at and have learned this story is true as reported. Again, apologize for the mistake.

Update #2, around 12:30pm: Freep has now pulled the retraction editorial note with this:

Editor’s note: Story updated at 11:31 a.m.

Already busted, homes.

Related: Carty weighs in on this, including the eligibility rules. One more take on this, I suggest we wait to get some more details on why he was at practice before we jump to the conclusion he wants to play for Rodriguez, and Rich Rod wants him on the roster. He may have been in town to get some advice, or to hit Zingerman’s, or to hang out with Peedi and Fresh.

Related #2:   Paulus on Dan Patrick 4/16.

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  1. I swear Sam Webb on this mornings Michigan Insider at 8:40am said that Greg was at practice yesterday.

  2. Opps…didn’t see your final paragraph there.

    The layout of this post is difficult, from a design prespective. But, I guess that is the result to the updates. But, either way.

  3. Ben, sorry for the confusion, yes, most of that is due to the Freep’s rolling retractions. I tried to tighten things up a bit.

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