17. April 2009 · Comments Off on Sam Webb: Greg Paulus Saga Over for Michigan · Categories: Archive 2009

Michigan insider Sam Webb of gobluewolverine.com just relayed a message to WTKA 1050AM’s Ben Holden that the Greg Paulus story is over.   Per Webb, who called into show minutes after sending the message to Holden:

  • “The latest with Paulus is there is no more Paulus.”
  • “I always thought it was a look and see situation.”
  • “It was more of an insurance policy and one at this point, Michigan has turned the page on.”
  • “It officially ends their courtship of Greg Paulus.”
  • Webb thought it was “possible” but not “probable” that Paulus would come to Michigan before he learned today that it won’t happen.
  • “I don’t care how good he was coming out of high school, that is something that’s tough to overcome.”
  • “No one said he had a good workout with the Packers.”

I know Webb has folks very close to the program, but he never explained how he confirmed this information.

Update: OK, Webb’s website simply says “Sources indicated late Friday afternoon that the Michigan football program is no longer exploring the possibility of adding former Duke PG Greg Paulus to its fall roster.”