Just a few photos from the post game. 

The first one sums everything up:

Photo Sep 01, 10 46 47 PMHow do you think I feel?  (He didn’t even see me, man)


Photo Sep 01, 10 59 43 PMThis crushed iPhone was chilling on the gridiron after the game.   Guessing it’s not the only crushed mobile device out there tonight.


Photo Sep 01, 11 05 53 PM“Denard rushed for this much..”

al front 1 - sweaty big al

Yes, it’s Michigan’s arrogance that we don’t embrace a mascot.  Big Al: a freakish, creepy sweaty elephant doll with a dumpy butt. 



1 HokePretty much


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  1. Roll Tide! Bill Simonson, where are you now? Retard.