A few thoughts just as the game wrapped up tonight.

We lost this game despite all these things you were looking for:

  • Minor busting off sizeable chunks of yards.  He looked great and Michigan re-established a running game.
  • Stanzi continuing to throw to “spaz routes” including two directly to Warren resulting in one pick six.
  • Weather not being a factor.
  • Woolfolk showing tight coverage at corner including solid break-ups.
  • Denard (at times) looking like a viable option at quarterback.
  • Progressing on defense despite the first half points surrendered.
  • Rich Rod dressing as though he was off to rediscover the North Pole after the game.

And yet, they came up short.  Talk now will be on the decision to hold Robinson in the game despite the late game brilliance that is Forcier.  I give credit to Denard for getting them back in the game but it’s #5 that has the gift (the “I was born to do this” stuff ceased being silly a couple weeks ago) -and he should have been in there in the last drive.  Really no question.  Robinson’s last pass was a high school heave.

Where to from here?  More confusion over where this team sits in the Big Ten.  They’re clearly on par with Iowa despite the mistakes, yet could be nipped by the likes of Indiana.  Where do you slot these guys?

Delaware State will reveal nothing so the next litmus test will be Penn State, which looked awful against Iowa in their own yard.


  1. Thank you richROD for destroying the confidence of our fourth quarter comeback quarterback. Also thank you for destroying the confidence of denard Robinson. I wish I could say that we are losing in the Rich ROD system because he does not have “HIS” type players, but now it just seems he is a bad coach who makes bad decisions.

  2. James F. Epperson

    Let’s not jump to conclusions. Tate was not playing well, and there are rumors he banged his hand on a helmet.

  3. Gotta love those Hawks!