SALINE, MI NOVEMBER 10, 2006 It’ll be great to get back to IU, the first time since graduating from business school in 1998. It was a great two years in Bloomington and of course this time coincided with Michigan 1997 National Championship run. I actually received two tickets to the 1998 Rose Bowl against Washington State from the IU Athletic department. Ahh, good times.

Here’s a few things I’d like to see tomorrow:
– Henne crisp passes, with completions of 40+ to Manningham and/or Arrington.
– Hart having less than 15 carries.
– Minor, Grady, Jackson looking sharp.
– Defense holding IU to less than 200 passing yards.
– Overall, a 20 point+ win, going away, giving some of the 2nd string a chance to redeem themselves.
– A porterhouse steak at Little Zagreb


  1. So what now? Everyone lost behind M and OSU. Could a rematch be possible now in the Fiesta bowl???

  2. Jim, assume you mean a BCS Championship game rematch? New this year is the ‘extra’ bowl game, that is not one of the traditional bowls, and doesn’t have a catchy name. Two games will be held in AZ, first the Feista Bowl, then the BCS Championship game.

    It is definitely becoming more likely that OSU could meet again, I need to update my earlier take on this ( because basically all of the scenarios that had to happen have happened. I think it is actually possible, and unfortunately now it seems it may be more likely to happen with a Michigan win, forcing M to beat OSU twice to win the title. Ugh.