Rumors out of Ann Arbor are that Henne might be done for the season. If true, this might be a bigger blow than if M lost Mike Hart as least as it translates to wins and losses. We’ll see, Carr is about to address the media.

UPDATE: Good news, looks like Henne won’t make the ND game but may be back. Carr said he’s “in good spirits”.

I drink a few good spirits after last game. Also- looks like the Penn State will be on ABC at 3:30. Umm, is it because ABC knows this hopeless trainwreck is a popular spectacle?

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  1. I dont know if they will rise up or not but I live a half mile from where woody Hayes grew up. It sure is a bitch being a(die hard) Michigan fan here right now. I have defended Carr and defended him. I’m tired of it. He needs to go! Let’s get a michigan man that can defend the “spread offence”! because …..THE TEAM.THE TEAM,THE TEAM DESERVES IT !!!!
    a Michigan Man from the heart of Ohio,
    GO BLUE!