Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend any of the rededication activities at Crisler this weekend but I was involved on the periphery.  I assisted in editing some of the bios of those enshrined within the Michigan Hall of Honor, one of the features on the large interactive screens available in the spacious lobby of the tricked-out Crisler Center.  Here I am looking over the tribute to Old 98:

Crisler Center Hall of Honor Interactive 

The boards are pretty cool and I hope #1000SSS shares this content throughout the athletic campus (at the Big House & in the renovated Schembechler Hall for starters).    Naturally it was a process to get all the bios edited and photos uploaded et cetera, and naturally there was (and certainly still is) a typo or misplaced photo here and there.   I also assisted with some error checking over the past couple weeks and was there when we spotted this priceless gem:Fritz Crisler bio with Field Hockey TeamPoor Fritz.   At another (perhaps the last?) great event celebrating Michigan athletics tradition in 1979, Fritz was invited but certainly was far from thrilled when he gazed at the fourth line on the tickets to the event:

Chrysler Banquet

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  1. Just wondering if you were at the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame induction this week if you have any interviews or photos of Tyrone Wheatley ?