Per Seth Gordon’s piece in the Sunday Ann Arbor News, Rodriguez is looking for a few good legs:

Calling all kickers
Three players – Bryan Wright, Scott Schrimscher and Jason Olesnavage – took turns kicking field goals and extra points on Saturday.

Even after signing West Palm Beach, Fla., kicker Brendan Gibbons in his latest class, Rodriguez said he still hopes to hold an open kicking tryout after a recent attempt had to be postponed.

“We have some solid kickers, we have some coming in, but we’re always looking for some more,” Rodriguez said. “So, anybody on the student body who can kick some field goals consistently, we want them to try out.”

God I’d love to see that try-out. Here’s to hoping Sean at MSC has enough leg to get a try-out and make the team. The old Trojan Horse theory to getting insider access to the football program.

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  1. I think Kelly can apply for some grad program and get back out there. May look a little like Janikowski with the gut.