1. Well, I have to weigh in on C-Webb’s side on this. Jalen is speculating that the cause of C-Webb’s absence & estrangement is that he wants to rid himself of the opprobrium associated with the time-out. That’s fair speculation, but I don’t buy it. I will speculate that C-Webb believes that – when he admitted taking money from Martin –he took a fall for a number of other players who also took money from Martin way back when, but who denied doing so back then, and have continued to deny it. Jalen himself has very coyly made a very soft recent admission that he took some money, though he provided no details.
    I’ll also speculate that C-Webb understands the long view, which is that the Fab Five were notable for (among many other reasons) being the first real global stars in the very first years of the NCAA’s mind-boggling billion-dollar money-making TV entertainment event, March Madness. In that context, someone wanted to give C-Webb money for his fame and his talent: isn’t that what every entertainer does in our society, except in an NCAA system which forces it’s adult employees to wear economic diapers? I’m with C-Webb all the way on this, and I think he’s sending a message to the other members of the Fab Five, and the public, which has little to do with trying to “get over” the time-out gaffe.