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Photographed by: Chuck Solomon/SI 

Jamie Morris dialed into Sam and Ira on WTKA 1050AM this morning and explained his call into a Columbus sports radio station Wednesday.

Morris confirmed he is “110 percent behind Rich Rodriguez,” and, explained why he did the call and his frustration with some of the questions.  He also offered up a few keys to The Game, here’s the audio clip:

My two cents on one item.   You can question a lot of things about his interview on the Columbus station, whether he should have even done it or answered some of the questions or answered them the way he did…but you can’t question his loyalty to Michigan.   He’s absolutely loyal to Michigan and I never thought that was a part of any of this.   I know a lot of people have reacted to this on the boards (and on this site), but whatever Jamie thinks about Rodriguez or Harbaugh or whatever, he’s 100% loyal to Michigan.

Check out the rest of the WTKA podcasts here.


  1. Well, I am not surprised that Jamie felt as if he needed to respond. Desmond had to do the same thing last year- something he said was blown out of proportion and he came out WTKA to defend himself.

    I don’t think it was necessary- because no one should ever deny Jamie’s allegiance to the Maize and Blue flag.

  2. Jamie Morris is one of Michigan’s all-time greats. The ’86 Fiesta Bowl win he helped deliver was one of Michigan’s great games. I don’t think he should have to explain himself to any Michigan man or Michigan fan.

    Seems like it would be in everybody’s best interest to get things with Harbaugh straightened out all the way around. I thought he should have been the right coach for the job two years ago. While I hope RichRod succeeds, if the position were open again, I’d want Harbaugh.

    People have to remember that Harbaugh has always been provocative. Recall how pissed Bo was when Harbaugh guaranteed a win over Ohio State. “I don’t care where we play, we could play in the parking lot for all I care, we’re going to be so jacked up” something like that…

  3. When two of Michigan’s greatest players ever – Tom Brady and Charles Woodson – say that they’re disappointed with the season but everyone needs to be patient, that firing Rich Rod now would set the program back another few years, well, that’s good enough for me. Call me a snob, but I’ll take two of the NFL’s premiere players’ words over some guy who played high school ball back in the day…you know THAT guy: the one who wears spikes at recreational softball games, keeps statistics of those games and equates that experience with what’s happening at Michigan. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy who will support Rich Rod because he IS the head coach at Michigan (at least for one Saturday afternoon). If we do lose, go ahead and be mad/disappointed/drunk (I know I will), but let’s talk about how we fix things with the hand we were dealt.

  4. I listened to that call as I live in the Columbus area. Those comedians who interviewed him have it in their heads that Michigan is upset with Rich Rod and that they’re somehow courting Jim Harbaugh.
    These guys railroaded Jamie with leading questions such as “When Rich Rod is fired at the end of the season… yada yada yada.”
    Of course these guys are also looking at today’s game as a great victory despite their team looking terrible and basically winning because we made mistakes. They don’t live in reality.

  5. For most of the season people have been critical of the defense (and rightfully so), calling out certain players because while others may be doing their assignments, these individuals have been consistently missing theirs. Well, what I saw today was a pretty mentally disciplined team on defense (I thought those 2 touchdowns were just great calls), so I think it’s only fair that we acknowledge that offensively Tate has been equally guilty of missing his assignments not just in this game, but since the Iowa game. These assignments being taking care of the ball, not abandoning the pocket so quickly and not over-trusting your arm. Yes, I wish he would make better reads, but I chalk that up to lack of experience.
    For me, the one thing I really think he needs to work on this off-season is his ego. From his text-pouting about not getting the majority of snaps prior to the Wisconsin game, to his lack of watching enough game film (as insinuated by Andy Mignery on a few Monday Morning QB shows), I think he needs to realize that as the QB, he needs to work even harder than everyone else. To me, Tate is like the kid who got great grades in high school, got into Michigan and thinks he only has to work just as hard as he did in high school to get the same high grades.
    I guess I’m really upset right now because overall I thought the team did enough to win today. This was a chance for redemption. I thought the majority of the players (and coaches) answered the call to raise their game. Unfortunately there was one player who didn’t.