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2 - RVB Students

Here’s my new ringtone…Hoke’s response when asked if the team practiced handling the jug during the week:

I’m not sure if this is some sort of punishment, or an attempt to one-up Denard or a shout-out to Prince given that Minnesota was in town, but Will Hagerup was rocking purple shoelaces:

Denard telling Gardner about Hagerup’s purple laces:

2 - denard laugh

Serves Molk right for cracking a smile.  Shortly after I took this shot, a teammate delivered a hockey-style stinky glove face wash:

2 face wash 

Hoke revealed after the game that the numbers on the helmets will remain through the rest of the season.  What do you think?



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    1. I vote yes for the helmet numbers, they were the only part of the “Legacy” uniforms that I liked.

    2. I also vote yes for the helmet numbers but, only for this season.

    3. Love the numbers, keep ’em in perpetuity. Just as long as they can match the colors a bit better.