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Michigan AP writer Larry Lage joined Ben Holden on the Big Show this afternoon.  As the guy that covers all the major sporting events held in the area, Lage always shares some interesting takes.   I picked up the audio midway through:

  • He discussed the fates of fellow Spartans Charles Rogers and Plaxico Burress.   Lage knew these gents pretty well from his days at the State News.
  • Lage commented on Rich Rodriguez’s desire to improve the atmosphere in Michigan Stadium.
  • He just finished a feature on Lions coach, who definitely is an interesting cat.  I met him earlier this year and he scared the bejesus out of me.   I’m less scared after seeing the photo Lage used in the piece:


  • Interesting, Lage is “not buying” that Michigan scheduled UConn in 2010 for sure, he’s waiting for official word from Michigan (he added a nice jab at the journalism standards of Rivals.com).  He’s a local guy and well-connected obviously, could there be some question whether this is actually happening?

Here’s the audio:


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