Michigan students lectured

Check out Daniel Bromwich’s piece in the Michigan Daily as he dressses down the student body who have “sucked as fans this year”, and urges them to wear Maize on Saturday. He closes with this:

A common complaint about the incoming luxury boxes is they will destroy the fan unity that currently exists because the stadium is one giant bowl.

My question: What unity?

Prove you have some Saturday.


  1. Maize Outs have always been disappointed with only a few pockets (outside of the Students) participating. So, I feel his pain.

  2. This should absolutely be a Blue Out. Everyone’s got a piece of Blue outerwear that will be warm enough. And the last time Michigan beat OSU was during the ‘Blue Out’ of 2005 for the 100th game.

  3. I am against the Maize out. Mainly because we chant Go Blue NOT Go Maize.

    I don’t care how bright the color is—in my opinion, Blue is the way to go.