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BennieBen  McCready and Captain Jake Ryan

As a follow-up to my post from this weekend on the potential changes to the Legends program, today I chatted with Ben McCready, godson (and namesake) of Bennie Oosterbaan.  Ben confirmed that Jim Hackett called him about the Legends program.  A few notes:

  • Nothing is official, but U-M is indeed evaluating the Legends program and considering changes.
  • The evaluation is being driven, in part, by feedback from the players.
  • McCready’s understanding is that they do intend to maintain the Legends distinction, but are considering honoring those players in a different way.
  • All options are on the table including a presence in the stadium to recognize the Legends. 
  • Hackett is soliciting input from the Legends/families and has already connected with one other Legend/family.  Hackett will be talking with all the Legends families and keeping everyone in the loop as this moves forward.
  • Timeline is TBD, but McCready’s understanding is that they plan to settle this before the season starts.

McCready also told me, “I trust Jim Hackett completely,” and added, “I am very confident that everyone – the players, the fans and the Legends families, will be very happy with the way this all turns out.”


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