I got an email this morning from reader David D. who tipped me that it appeared as though the permanent lights were going up already.  Brandon indicated earlier that the project would start after the Wisconsin game to have them ready for The Big Chill.

Per Dave Ablauf of U-M Media relations, they have indeed started the project and don’t blink, they’ll be in and done by Saturday: “The permanent lights are in the process of being installed and will be in prior to this weekend’s game with Wisconsin.”

That’s fast!

I think most fans are ok with the concept of permanent lights but I’m sure there’ll be some reaction on the aesthetics once they are in place.


  1. As they say over on MGoBlog, "it didn't happen if there isn't a picture"!

  2. Actually, the saying is "pics or it didn't happen".

  3. From my office I can see the lights on the west side are on right now.

  4. I'm one fan who's not OK with the concept. There's no reason Michigan games should start later than 3:30, and the program shoul NEVER take marching orders from the TV networks.

    • Greg from MVictors

      You're the first person to get "negged bombed" on MVictors. I understand your perspective. I'm hopeful the lights are more to promote other events at the stadium and less to usher in a bunch of night games

  5. It's a new world in college football. Prime Time counts. That's what is attractive to players, I think it can only help us. I'm ok with Saturday night games, but the first time I see us start leaning towards a Thursday night IU v. UM game i'm not going to be happy.

  6. Agree with HHW – times be changing my friend! You have to adapt. Unfortunately for many fans, a football program has to adapt with the times just like a business does to ensure sustained relevance. This is something DB understands… I'm ok with it because I want Michigan football to thrive on the biggest stages possible.

  7. Night Games ROCK..maybe NOW the UM crowds will be louder and more intimidating thus helping THE TEAM!!!! excellent decision!

  8. @Greg from MVictors

    I saw it (not Ablauf giving you the info – that sounds like a nice private moment for you guys). Happened to drive by the stadium yesterday afternoon around 3:00PM and they had the east lights on. I was expecting NFL-style light banks, not the individual cans on sticks. My 5 year old daughter said they looked like small little candles. Either way, I look forward to night games (save the mid-week ones).

  9. Just so people's thinking is clear on this topic, the real reason that UM thinks lights are necessary (and that they were hurriedly finished ahead of schedule) is because the new massive 5 story lux boxes blot out much more of the late afternoon sun: by the end of October – as many of you have noticed – much of the field and stands become substantially covered with a large ominous and increasing shadow in the second half — which negatively affects the TV "product" and the live experience.
    Nonetheless, count me opposed to the lights, there's no need to go in that direction. "Prime Time" is irrelevant, now that BTN has seized its' own massive market share. There's no need to freeze the fans to death at night. And there's no need to surrender to TV execs. It brings to mind that superb quote from Lewis Mumford: "Western society has accepted as unquestionable a technological imperative that is quite as arbitrary as the most primitive taboo: not merely the duty to foster invention and constantly to create technological novelties, but equally the duty to surrender to these novelties unconditionally, just because they are offered, without respect to their human consequences."

  10. i work in the press box on gamedays and the lights are in and finished. also, they have the ability to fold down to hide them when not in use. all info straight from the facilities crew and brandon himself.