I was one of the 13 Michigan fans that made it to East Lansing to watch the Wolverines get smoked. A few observations from the game:

On the play:
– Not much to say here. These guys just don’t look comfortable out there and have trouble getting squared up for shots. It’s painful to watch a team that relies so heavily on the three with guys that don’t look comfortable shooting.
– M rebounded ok (I need to see the final numbers) but many from the offensive side were the result of badly clanked triples.
– Free throw shooting was terrible.
– State obviously didn’t need to play their best to beat these guys. Guards Nietzel and Lucas were far and away the difference. Take away those guys and State looked average.

Sights & Sounds:
– I wouldn’t say tickets to this game were hot, but it took me about 15 minutes to find a reasonably priced seat. One guy was trying to sell at single ticket behind Izzo’s bench for $150.
– I seriously think there were about 100 Michigan fans there. I didn’t see a group of students anywhere. No cheerleaders although there’s nowhere really for them to stand.
– You probably know that the Izzone consumes three quarters of the lowest bowl. One thing I hadn’t noticed is that the students also own the last 10 seats in the upper bowl at the top of the Breslin, covering about half the arena. They’re loud and it’s impressive.
– Speaking of the students, the entire group started loudly chanting “LITTLE SISTER” with about five minutes to go.
– Dude, Breslin seriously conducted around 6 tee-shirt tosses during the game. If they did that at Crisler each person would leave with a new wardrobe.


  1. I watched the game on tv. It was very tough to watch at times. The team appeared to be just going through the motions during the second half. From CBS’s coverage even Beilein looked like he didn’t care.

    so frustrating…

  2. Props to the webmaster and those M fans that showed up at the Breslin to support their team during a rough year.

  3. They may be loud at basketball however they seem to be visiting the dead at Munnsoleum. Three of us made it up to the hockey game yesterday, the three of us were louder than their entire student section. You could also smell all the booze from across the arena–I kid! I kid!

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