A report from MSNBC is stating that they’ve heard from insiders that the Rose Bowl will offer an at-large berth to LSU. This is good, in that we avoid a Michigan vs. Notre Dame rematch in the Rose Bowl.

But… what if USC loses and Florida impresses over Arkansas in the SEC title game? That would leave USC as PAC-10 champ in the Rose Bowl vs. LSU, and potentially Florida and OSU in the BCS Championship if voters give the Gators enough juice. So with Sugar Bowl picking next because they lost their conference champ to Glendale (Florida), and they’d probably take Michigan. Then I believe they have the next pick of the at-large teams, which of course would be none other than the beloved….Fighting Irish of Notre Dame!

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  1. I would love to entertain the opportunity to lay another whopping on the golden boy QB and “the best coach in college football”. Maybe 60 minutes can cover it and do a profile on how tough he talks again. He was responsible for all those Patriots Super Bowls wasn’t he? Or was he just an assistant and Michigan boy Tom Brady the QB driving the team to victory? Hmmmm