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Jim Rome’s clones know well by now the story of how a caller named Marty dialed up the The Jim Rome Show and told Jungle listeners that he wasn’t alone in his truck each morning, that he had a buddy riding with him and looking out for him and of course that pal is Jim Rome.

Here’s a little mixtape of various emails and comments from Rome about their relationship:

Better yet, here’s a summary of the Marty and Jim alleged moments they’ve spent together, at least according to Jim Rome show callers:
– Marty knitting Rome a pair of jean shorts
– Marty “rocking” a Rome FatHead
– Wearing matching velour tracksuits
– Riding a tandem bike to the ice cream shop to share a banana split
– Riding horses bareback on the beach
– Sharing a candy necklace
– Naming stars after each other
– Sending each other pajamagrams
– Marty making Rome the executor of his estate on Legalzoom.com
– Joining forces to wear a horse costume for Halloween (donkey also acceptable) and warning each other about the side effects (impotence) of using steriods while wearing this costume.
– Sharing an ice cream cone
– Sharing a plate of spaghetti (and finishing on the same piece of pasta)
– Sharing a ride in a Miata
– Riding Wing Forward on the beach
– Watching the sunset together
– Marty buying a locket with Jim’s picture in it
– Joining the Mile High Club
– Jim firing balls through Marty’s “tire” [hilarious]
– Marty ordering Rome flowers on ProFlowers.com

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