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You’ll notice this site doesn’t spend any time on recruiting – those of you that are recruitniks pepper sites like GoBlueWolverine, mlive.com, etc. or go right to the great mgoblog for Brian’s frequent updates on the matter. I don’t get too excited about recruiting. Of course I like to see Michigan in the top 5-10 each year and I think it is one of those things for which Lloyd Carr deserves a lot credit, but other than that, don’t really care.

I remember when Michigan hoops got a commitment from Jerod Ward. He was shooting and making three pointers in one of the high school All-Star games with his left. While injury was a key factor in his troubles at Michigan, you can safely say Ward’s jersey isn’t going to be hanging from the rafters at Crisler or anywhere else. According to Wikipedia, Ward now plays for a team in Lebanon. Yes, that Lebanon.

But I have to mention Sam McGuffie. The #1 running back out of a Texas committed to Michigan yesterday and the guy looks pretty incredible. As pointed out by Sam Webb of GoBlueWolverine and WTKA this morning, there is another reason he’s getting a lot of attention: Sam McGuffie is white. If nothing else it makes this unique. So much for not touting people before they even step on campus, but I’ll declare right now that he’s the fastest white man in the Big Ten since Michigan State’s Blake Ezor or maybe Iowa’s Tim Dwight.

Check out this YouTube highlight reel of this nimble cat:

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