A quick post from a view inside the stadium and the luxury box build-out.  The early drawn renderings of the stadium renovation hinted at more of a shiny, black glass facade which honestly I didn’t really care for:


While it’s not complete, and perhaps the different shades will come down, here’s a few pics of what I saw this morning as the team prepare for group photos.  Clearly the glassy look is broken up by the blue sections.  Now, it could be that the blue areas are just covering the glass during construction but I guess I kind of like it better.

006 - stad1

Just for kicks, here’s the view out of Section 1 of the stadium.  It gives you a sense of the scale of the new structure, just dwarfing the old press box which will come down after this season:

010 - sec1


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    3. shoelace for heisman

      The blue sections ARE glass. I forgot where I read about this but the decision to use the flat blue glass was made after studies showed other glasses being tested caused glare problems on the field.

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