14. August 2011 · 3 comments · Categories: 2011

A few pics from Fan Day.  Overall the weather held up and it seemed like a huge crowd.  Some of the folks in line for Coach Hoke were out at 8am this morning.

First the players, including some new faces:

T Rawls 
Thomas Rawls.  Fred Jackson had great things to say about him, and expect him in action early in the season

A few games may will come down to this very young man, Kicker (and punter?) Matt Wile.

Molk fending off Mike Rothstein

Koger not Kroger received high, high praise from Coach Hoke

Denard ball 
Denard in a future spot for FSN

Treezy told me the players are asked not to Tweet, but Roy Roundtree can’t help it

The new scoreboard HD screens are incredible

rust1 rust2
At least on the north side, I saw a lot of rust in the upper rows in the stadium.  I hope they tighten this up.


  1. That rust has got to go before the season starts…don’t recall ever noticing that anywhere in the stadium.

    On the other hand, those scoreboards look spectacular – can’t wait to get a live look…

  2. Re: Rawls – IIRC Coach Jackson is always very enthusiastic about his players. I don’t know if I’d take it as more than a coach is who is publicly supportive of his players.

  3. @guanxi
    you absolutely RC, Freddy J is a real beauty. But I do take some stock in him hyping freshman when there are so many backs on this team. He went on and on and on about Rawls (and Hayes)