Tonight I chatted with CJ Lilly, winner of the athletic department’s contest offering two passes to tomorrow’s press conference where Brady Hoke will be introduced.  The 21-year-old U-M senior was kind enough to endure a few goofy questions:

MVictors: You’re an engineering student?
Lilly: Yes I am.

MVictors: So how long did it take to write the script that entered your name in the contest six million times?
Lilly: [Laughs].  I actually only entered it once.   I was sitting in class and entered it on my phone, really not paying too much attention to Reinforced Concrete Design. [laughs]

MVictors: The press conference is at 1pm tomorrow– are you sure you’re going to be awake by then?
Lilly: Yeah, I won’t party too hard tonight.

MVictors: So as an engineering student let me guess—you hate the Hoke hire?
Lilly: No, no, I’m excited to see us move forward.  I felt like we had two weeks of stalling around and now we can actually move in some direction. 

MVictors: How many times have you been on the past few days?
Lilly: mgoblog has had most of it that I’ve seen.  I don’t pay much attention– I think that’s B.S, as far as where flights are headed to.   I don’t think it’s worth the time. 

MVictors: Did the athletic department complete its background check on you yet?
Lilly: [Laughs] No, not yet. I hoping they don’t find anything bad.

MVictors: Who are you going to take with you?*
Lilly: I’m taking a good friend who graduated last year but who still lives in the area.  We’re both avid fans.  We’ve been discussing this [coaching search] everyday for the past few weeks.

MVictors: Where are you going to sit?
Lilly:  I don’t know, probably as close to the front as I can get.  I don’t know if they’ll let me.

MVictors: Are you allowed to ask questions? What’s the deal?
Lilly:  They really didn’t tell me much of anything.  I’m formulating some in case I’m allowed to [laughs].

MVictors: Thanks – good luck tomorrow.

*I should have asked if he’d consider taking Terry Foster so he could see a press conference

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  1. Is he related to Ben Lilly?