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BLOOMINGTON, IN What a great way to round out the season before the big one against the Buckeyes next week. Michigan crushed the Indiana Hoosiers on both sides of the ball and cruised to a 34-3 win. Next for the Blue is a mega-hyped, media-saturated week leading up the showdown in Columbus.

Here’s the game notes:
– Breaston’s break-out was great to see, especially given the recent Herbstreit comments on his worth. The punt return was great, but that was just a matter of time. What really was huge was the long touchdown reception. If Arrington and Manningham are stretching the OSU defense, Breaston will be a major target for Henne over the middle and maybe even occasionally on the deep ball.
– Regarding Manningham, he did get in there and did make a catch but he had a noticeable limp. He also seemed to be walking gingerly on the knee but he didn’t appear to have a problem running routes. Someone nearby my seats speculated that it could be an act and it could be true. I can’t believe Carr would have him out there if he was seriously having pain – they didn’t need him in this game.
– The lowpoints for the game were Henne’s interception in the 2nd quarter- a terrible decision, and Garrett Rivas’s missed extra point. The highlight for me? Watching LB David Harris fly across the field and collide with people.

Sights and Sounds:
– Watching the IU players snuggle around the space heater on the sideline right in front of us was a riot. You can see it in the video clip above.
– Get this: they recognized the IU Big Ten champions from the 2006 Track and Field team. One of the guys on the 4 x 100 relay team was dressed in full IU marching band gear. The track champion also marches in the band! You don’t see that too often.
– It was sad to see that IU couldn’t sell out the game. Other than the Purdue game in a given year, is there a bigger home game on Indiana’s regular schedule? There was at least a few thousand unsold tickets. Hear’s to hoping Coach Hep and the Hoosiers turn it around.
– We visited Nick’s English Hut bar afterwards, enjoyed a delicious pizza and played a wicked game of Sink the Bismarck. Never played? Here’s the rules of the game as published in the Indiana Daily Student:

Sink the Bismark [sic], the game of drunken finesse, requires a container of at least 55 ounces, a small glass, a large amount of readily available beer and, ideally, at least three participants, each with a beer of their own. Note: Each contestant should be drinking the same kind of beer that’s in the bucket.

First place the large container on a small pile of napkins and fill it with beer. Then, set the small glass afloat in the beer. Nick’s English Hut uses a 56-ounce bucket and a 6-ounce high ball glass. Nick’s patrons ordinarily order pitchers to keep their buckets full.

The game begins when a player pours part of his or her beer into the small, floating glass. Each player takes a turn pouring beer into the glass until it ultimately sinks, hence “Sink the Bismark.” The player who sinks the Bismark must then [reach into the bucket and] chug the small glass of beer (which makes it hard to tell the winner from the loser). The bucket is then refilled and the glass is again floated to start a new round.

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