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Quarterback question on everyone’s mind – Ticket application arrives
ANN ARBOR, MI Saturday April 13, 2002
Supposed back-up quarterback Spencer Brinton received a big welcome from the 20,000 or so who came to watch the annual Michigan football spring scrimmage. The problem that plagued the Wolverines last year remains: lack of consistent play at quarterback. John Navarre played with what appeared to be the first unit, but Brinton looked a little more sharp.
Continuing a tradition from last year, Scotty Mudbowl and I played the M course (across the street from a stadium) that morning. Despite a shaky putter, Geegs pulled teeth.

Meanwhile, on Friday I received my annual renewal for my 2 endzone seats. After a steep price increase last year, they raised the price of each ticket in my section by $1, to an even $40. In his annual letter, Michigan Director of Athletics Bill Martin noted that poll data shows that most M fans don’t mind the current ticket prices. He also pointed out that many of Michigan’s “peer schools” have implemented seat donation programs (a required donation in order to buy tickets). FYI, the peer schools are Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Notre Dame. The required donation at these schools ranges from $100 – $3000. The Buckeyes charge $3K for seats between the 35 yard lines.

Besides the ticket increase, two other changes are in effect. First, the ticket office has requested everyone’s email address. Second, they have included a form to request a seat upgrade.

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