1. The team should wear white helmets with the wings at the front blue with white stars, and the stripes in red.

  2. the team should focus on winning.

  3. yuk. wish DB hadn't approved this awful gimmick.

  4. The idea of our coaches being walking advertisements is a little crass, though I know it’s been going on for awhile, and this just throws it in our faces. Adidas exploiting patriotism to sell some more shirts and gain publicity is ugly. Maybe if they gave the profits to some veterans charity …

  5. Maybe get your heads outta you're hind-sides and stop being so anti-corporate… I'm proud to see my team show pride in their country and remembrance of 9/11!!!

  6. As a New Yorker who went to Michigan, I'd personally prefer that my team didn't turn 9/11 into a fashion statement/Adidas promotion.

  7. @WolverineFever

    That’s the issue — they’re not showing their pride in their country and remembrance of 9/11, they’re pulling heartstrings in order to sell shirts for Adidas; are we so easily conned by anyone wearing the right three colors?

    Also, you don’t know anything about me or my motives.

  8. Leave it to the guys with the strong money making motive, and no feel for Michigan, to "junk up" a shirt like that. Wretched. Look, Michigan is at the top of the financial heap for College Athletic Depts, and has no need to engage support and take on this "fashion runway" mentality that the clothing/sport equipment guys love. But Brandon's a "marketing " guy, and he talks too much about M football as a "brand" — he can't help himself.