Did you catch the premiere of latest ESPN 30 for 30 film, this one on Bo Jackson?   I sat down with coach Gary Moeller a few weeks ago and he shared this story..thought it was timely:

MVictors: Is there an opposing player that you faced while coaching at Michigan that was really special—a guy you really had to gameplan for. Does anybody stand out?

Gary Moeller:  It’s always hard to pick one guy. There were two times I went to Birmingham, Alabama to scout the Alabama-Auburn game.  One time to scout Alabama when we played them in the Hall of Fame Bowl, and and another time, to prepare for the Sugar Bowl when we were to face Auburn.

The time we were going to scouting Auburn, this guy gets the ball and he starts to sweep to the left and it’s all bottled up. He turns around, reverses the field—he must have gave 10 or 15 yards—takes off down the other sideline for a touchdown.  It was the fastest thing; it was like he was shot out of a gun. He did it twice in the game, about the same distance from about the same spot for two long touchdowns. 

Bo Jackson.

That guy was unbelievable.  We were talking to each other, ‘How are we going to stop this guy?’ When we played them they stayed in the wishbone and we had a defense set to that position. 

We had two, to two-and-a-half, to three on him all the time. If he’d come across the field for a pitch or anything, we had an extra guy, always, coming up his way. They bled us a little bit inside with the fullback but we only gave them three field goals. That was a special game against a great player and a pretty nice kid.

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  1. One of the best D performance ever!

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