HT: BiggieMunn, Uni Watch has a quick take on the proposed redesigned Spartan logo, along with a few good links.   Check it out here.  Paul’s $.02:

Honestly: I’ve always thought the Spartans logo looked a bit amateurish, and the new one — if that’s what it is — is hardly an improvement in that regard. Given how virtually every new mark foisted upon us these days tends to feature gratuitous beveling, shading, outlining, etc., this new design seems remarkably restrained. That’s not to say it’s better than the old mark, mind you (I definitely don’t think it passes the “Is it good or is it stupid?” test), but it hardly seems like a disaster, and I find it hard to get worked up about it one way or the other. But that’s just me.

Perhaps that new notch above the nose guard is to provide a little forehead coverage*:


I was kind of hoping they’d look back and drop this gruffy fellow on the helmets:


* Not that there’s anything wrong with dudes with giant foreheads.


  1. They should go all the way back to putting M A C on everything. Give the gruffy guy a straw hat and pitchfork.

  2. i don’t think it’s better or worse, just different. apparently team spartan logo got their design cues from the detroit lie-downs and imo did just enough tweaking to force people to buy new merchandise. i’ve heard some angry sparty fans wonder how we would feel if they changed michigan’s winged helmet. well, the difference is that’s a helmet design, not a logo. in fact, i don’t believe we have a character logo (thankfully Willy the Wolverine never made it), only a block M.

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