Check out Brian Cook’s AOL Fanhouse post on the new montage put together by the talented “expressfan”. It’s not just your same old Wangler to Carter.

He’s got clips from the Bo and Brandstatter on Michigan Replay talking about the play and about broadcasting legend Bob Ufer. Plus, he thankfully includes a great clip of two plays prior to the famous pass when Michigan threw the ball right into Indiana coach Lee Corso’s hands to kill the clock. In one of the Ufer recordings (not provided here) you hear him talk about this but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. It’s hilarious. Here’s the YouTube and don’t miss Cook’s take on the Fanhouse:


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  2. What’s funny is they still use that same music (on Michigan Replay)!

  3. All good, except the video is not from Wolverinehistorian.

  4. Webmaster

    expressfan – Sorry about that. Properly updated the post. Nice work.

  5. Thanks. I appreciate your blog.

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