John U Bacon and WTKA's Big Show! (or Off The Field)
What a pleasure it was to sit with great Michigan author and historian John U. Bacon this evening on WTKA’s ‘Big Show’. If you missed it, here’s all three segments for you. I sat in for the full hour in the 5pm slot.

A quick summary:
Segment 1: 1980, 1909, 1934 oh my – Starts about 1 minute in. I offer a little background on the eBay Watch series, about the coach Bill McCartney ring drama and about the Joy Miller scandal after the season of 1909 and the posts I did on Norm Daniel’s 1931 jersey, and finally on the incredible tale of 1934’s Willis Ward incident.

Segment 2: More History, and some of the Michigan ‘myths’ – (There’s a little dead air in the first few seconds) We talk a little more about the 1909 season (there’s much more, hopefully you see it in Hail to the Victors 2009), about chorus of The Victors being “borrowed” from Louis Elbel’s roommate, and the Those Who Stay will be Champions appearing years before Bo arrived, and finally, on the video I took of the Corey Tropp/Steve Kampfer incident.

Segment 3: Bonus Time – I stuck around after my official segments to join JUB’s famous “winners and losers” segment and talked about seeing Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe this weekend (my winner), and offered up, as a loser, the suggestion that Michigan would be better off with a NIT bid rather than a trip to the Big Dance. My nerves.

Here’s each segment:



  1. Heard you on the Big Show last night. You did a great job, kudos to you.

    And, I totally agreed with your “losers”- good stuff

  2. Ben- thanks man. Funny, Bacon said I could stick around, just needed to pick a “winner”. So I told (off the air) the story about Howe and my tickets. Bacs said go with that. Then it occurred to me that I better have a loser as well, and I had to go with that.

  3. Solid work on the radio!! keep up the good work.

  4. That was a great hour of radio-really enjoyed it.

  5. hah, Greg. Nice.

    Yeah, I liked your winner too, naturally.

    I was at that game, it was actually my first Michigan hockey game, and first time at Yost.

    I had a blast! Check out my seat.

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