hoosiers As Rade gets up to check in the first game after Merle fouls out, even though Coach Dale has benched him.

Coach Dale: Where are you going?   [Rade, puzzled, looks at him] Sit down.
Rade Butcher: You gotta have five out there!
Coach Dale: Sit… down.
Referee: You need one more, coach.
Coach Dale: My team is on the floor.

This great movie scene came to mind as Forcier trotted past Rodriguez, trying to put himself back in the game with 1:30 to go.  Rodriguez told him to Sit….down, albeit with a helmet love slap:


Looking at the tape, I’m not sure exactly sure what Forcier was trying to do beyond demonstrating to Rodriguez who he thought should be taking the snaps.  It was clear that Robinson was going to stay in (several guys on defense were pumping up Denard, Sheridan was giving him a few words and the offense huddled with Tate just listening along from the outside).  He finally looked like a freshman on the field and with this, acted like one on the sideline. 

I don’t know what he said or did (beyond the bad decisions with the ball) but it must have been egregious for Rodriguez to put the outcome in the hands of Robinson instead of the guy that’s done it again and again.  Sure, Robinson had just led a great drive but the game on the line thing–that’s Tate’s gig.  We know that the pouting and second guessing doesn’t fly on this team (ask Cissoko) and maybe this was a case of Rodriguez deflating Forcier’s ego a notch.  

Without understanding what exactly was said (other than Rich yelling “TATE!” a bunch of times which in another dimension would make a great swear word) I would have given the ball to #5.   And for the record, I don’t think RR benched Forcier just to make a point a la the Hoosiers move.

There were a lot of good things to take from this game and let’s hope that this benching becomes a key moment in Forcier’s progression.   The fortunes of this team, in 2009, run through #5.

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