UGPtop[1]A few folks, including the illustrious Dr. Sap, pinged me because they noticed that the helmets appeared to carry a darker shade of maize on Saturday.  Let’s have a look.

Here’s a look at a few different helmet shots in different light from 2013:

2013 Helmet

As I understand it, the ask of the helmet reconditioners in recent years was to match the helmet shade to the jerseys (which makes sense of course) and you can see that above. 

Now…a couple close-ups from Saturday:

2014 Helmet

The helmets do appear to a be a darker shade, and darker than the high maize in the jersey.  Now…as Dr. Sap epically explained back in 2011, you have to be careful when assessing shades of colors in photos.  Exhibit A, same game:1986NDHarbaugh

I can tell you from seeing them in person that there did appear to be a difference on Saturday.

Sap’s take?  He thinks that Riddell indeed used a darker hue this season when they reconditioned the helmets. 

My take? I trust Sap because Sap’s eye don’t lie.  /slams gavel.  

P.S. While the Uniform Timeline covers a broad range of uni nuance over the years, it hasn’t delved into color tone/shade changes for a few reasons.  Unless the manufacturers or reconditioners provide with specific color codes season over season, I’m going to stay out of that on the Timeline.

P.P.S.  I believe the special gold flecks or flakes have returned in 2014 – I noticed them at media day.


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  1. Greg, GREG!!!

    For the love of all that’s Maize and Blue, can we please discuss the Block “M” on the helmet and at least make a push back to the Michigan?

    I feel like that little “M” could end up morphing into something else….Would prefer to have the Michigan in there.

    Just my opinion!