A few of the sights and sounds from the pregame Saturday. 

Beastly Jake Long returns to the Big House for the game:

jake long michigan

CNN Chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta represented.  He was only asked 39 times if he had a prescription for the Wolverines’ woes:

sanjay gupta michigan

A look at the Ohio State throwback uniform and the Buckeye stare drill:

Throwback Ohio State Uniforms 

This Buckeye band member got tuckered out in the middle of the script Ohio and decided to take a knee on the Michigan sideline:

Buckeye drummer

1969 team take the field, you can also see a video here:


Zoltan and parents:

zoltan on senior day

Team getting ready to come out, check out Brandon Minor in streets on the left (with towel covering some type of brace on his shoulder):


Sweetness Melanie Collins of the Big Ten Network swung by our tailgate (hosted by Kristen and Todd Mitchell) to get some footage for their Big Ten Cookout show:

Nov 21 2009 - VID00076_2 

You’ve no doubt seen quite a few pics and videos of the M Club banner.  Here’s kind of a unique perspective from right past the banner.  I actually felt a strong breeze as they rushed by:

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  1. The idiots who sold all those tickets to the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, inbred, sheep-fucking, sweaty-yellow-t-shirt-wearing, PBR-swilling, wife-beaters from Ohio should NEVER be allowed anywhere near Michigan Stadium again. That was a freaking home game for tOSU.

    Michigan nation should be embarrassed!

    What did the recruits think about all that red in the stands?

    That would have NEVER happened in C-Bus. Ever!

    You people FUCKING disgust me.

    Yeah, I sold my tickets, I’m just getting over surgery and not moving around well just yet… but I freaking sold my tickets to someone from Michigan… I turned Ohioans away!

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