Update 11/18: mgblog is posting he’s got solid sources confirming McGuffie is gone.

[Ed 11/17/08: This is blog, this is a rumor, many insist it is silly. That’s fine, but this is crap that people talk about at Fraser’s and at tailgates and I’m talking about it. I have no evidence that McGuffie is seriously considering transferring and I hope he doesn’t.]

Original post 11/16: There’s been a lot of Sam McGuffie talk about and I’ve heard Fred Jackson was puzzled by the freshman’s request to not play Saturday.

Here’s the deal–if McGuffie wants to leave that’s fine. There were a pile of backs ahead of him on the depth chart when he arrived. From what I could tell, he busted his ass and in the eyes of Jackson and RR, he did enough to earn a start in the opener despite the political fallback that could have resulted with all the other guys that had been there (and playing for Jackson BTW). What else could a guy ask for? Ninety percent of guys transfer because either they’re not satisfied with their playing time or there’s been a coaching change. These coaches obviously like the kid and demonstrated that if he works hard and performs he’ll get the ball. He was getting a fair shake from the coaching staff so I take it must be something bigger.

If he doesn’t like the school, the weather, is homesick or all three, I wish him well. Go home and play somewhere that you’re comfortable.


  1. Sam McGuffie is a YouTube sensation & Jerome Bettis is from Detroit.

  2. This is insane! McGuffie had a DEATH IN HIS FAMILY! Lord knows this season has sucked, but people, lets not get irrational! He's 18! GIve him a freakin' break! Besides is there really much difference between 5-7 and 3-9? A losing season is still that — losing. Neither is worth a damn as far as I'm concerned…

  3. wait, mcguffie says he wants to leave?