A great weekend for Michigan ended tonight in a 5-5 tie against the #1 Miami Ohio RedHawks. Unfortunately the Blue icers squandered a two goal lead in the third but have to be happy with the net result of the road series. And what a great game; would have been incredible to see it decided in a shoot out.

The fourth Miami goal was a bit of a fluke: off the boards and off the back of the net. Sauer was turned around and it landed right on a Miami stick.

The wood these guys get on the puck is unreal. They were firing lasers all night definitely check out the highlights if you missed it.

UPDATE I: 3 points, not 4 like the previous title said…right. That’s what you get when you have a football guy talk hockey. Maybe next year they’ll have shoot-outs and a point for the overtime loss, 3 for a win.

UPDATE II: Whoa, highlights of a regular season CCHA game made it onto ESPN’s SportsCenter! And here’s the recap from CSTV. They’ll probably post highlights soon. And Antoine Pitts posted post game interviews here as part of his recap.


  1. Title is wrong…We only took 3 pts.

    Yesterday—2, tonight—1

  2. Thanks T – correct.