A couple polls to get the pulse of the football universe…or a few guys on the internet today. Whatever works:


And you know you’re thinking it but do you have the stones to say it? The answer the Buckeyes but vote away:


Update: Good lord 83%? Michigan fans = Chicago Bears Super fans. Next topic: Bo vs. Godzilla – discuss

Update 2: 88%?!!


  1. I think you need to check your answer key for that second question.

  2. DD – are you saying I’m off base thinking Ohio would win? We’ll need to debate this one further this week

  3. I’ve got to side with DD on this one. I think what we saw last night shows that Ohio State probably wasn’t holding back on offense when they played us. Their offense really isn’t very good so I don’t think anything would change on that side of the ball if we played them again.

    So give me a healthy Henne and Hart and a coaching staff brimming with renewed confidence in the ability of our offense to go vertical after trouncing Florida and I’d have to pick my beloved Wolverines. To paraphrase Coach Carr, this isn’t an excuse, it’s the truth.

    (Either way, we don’t have a full coaching staff yet and our new coach is going to implement an entirely new system so, sure, the Buckeyes would probably win if we played next week. Is this a trick question?)

  4. Bravo on the coaching question Lew. OK, we could bring back Carr and use Les Miles as an assistant.

  5. Bo would woop up on a Ditka / Chuck Norris double team!