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Sorry for the delay getting this out, a crazy week in the Big Ten and certainly a few things to make the pollsters think. The net? Penn State was definitely knocked down a few pegs but remained in the top spot. Michigan? Yes, they looked good against Minnesota but the group wasn’t ready to give Michigan major props and didn’t pull the rug out from the Gophers. The latest:

A few comments on the week that was:
Gilliam the Badger “I wanted to write that Michigan State has absolutley no chance of winning in Happy Valley in two weeks, but really, anything can happen when you play good defense. Who picked the Spartans to go 9-3 this year, though? Michigan finally looked like Michigan again in the Metrodome. Are the Wolverines going to put it all together at the end of the season? Beat NU and not get run out of the ‘Shoe. Go Broncos! Finally some good football at Ford Field.”

Lew, the football & wine spectator “Another wacky week in the Big 10. Huge win for Michigan as it gives good indication that the team is still fighting to improve. Rumors that Coach Rod lost the team have been greatly exaggerated – I hope you all enjoyed your cold shower. When Chris Fowler mentioned last week that Iowa was Penn State’s last remaining hurdle, I took that as a slap in Sparty’s face. Guess Fowler was right. And who woulda thunk IU, Michigan and Illinois would lose to 3 different MAC teams in the same season? As a symbol of sportsmanship, and to spare the conference further misery, I suggest the Big 10 should give its Rose Bowl bid to Ball State this year.”

Biggie the Spartan “Are you kidding me Penn St? You beat OSU at the Shoe in a night game, have two weeks to prepare for a mediocre Iowa team, and you crap the bed. In the immortal words of Pat Caputo, “You blow.” I am extra bitter because this puts any hope MSU had of going to the Rose Bowl on life support (see Big 10 tiebreaker scenarios).

I thought for sure that UM was going to get drilled with Sheridan at QB. Maybe they have something left in the tank and can make that game down in Columbus interesting.”

Schlimmy, the Bucknut “I think Iowa did the Big Ten a huge favor by knocking off Penn State and ensuring that a Big Ten team does not get bitch slapped agan in the National Title game, Michigan played there most complete game of the year and was able to retain the Jug.

Minnesota completely laid a egg, maybe they will take the mantle permanently away from Michigan State of being a team that can handle a devastating loss (Northwestern last week) I can’t figure out Illinois, they have alternated wins and losses for eight straight games, hopefully that trend comes to a end this Saturday vs. my Buckeyes!!

Shep, the Domer: Shep, like the Notre Dame offense, is MIA.

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