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Following the wrap up of the Big Ten season, week 14 of the Power Index.  Notre Dame has some work to do but I’m not sure the USC game will change many views of the struggling Irish.

Looking back at the preseason release of the Index, the biggest drop by far belongs of course to preseason #4 Michigan who finish barely in the 10th slot. Teams that exceeded the expectations of the pollsters include the Spartans (from #6 to #3), Minnesota (from #12 to #8) and the team that had some many issues in the off-season but finished pretty strong, Iowa (from #9 to #4). Here’s the final regular season index, we’ll do another after the bowls and perhaps a pre-2009 Index sometime in January.

I’m looking for a Notre Dame backer to replace our fallen Shep if you’re interested, drop me a note.

Don’t miss the great banter below.

Gilliam the Badger
“Michigan State’s offensive line looked like they ate a full Thanksgiving dinner before taking the field against Penn State. Stuffed.

Wisconsin escaped their Appalachian State because Cal-Poly’s kicker missed 3 PATs. Pardoned.

Michigan sets their all-time record with 8 [Ed: actually nine :(] losses, and loses to Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State in the same season for only the second time in history. Rich Rod looks lost, and is losing players. Butterball.

Congratulations to Joe Tiller! Whose new spread will be three lines in the water, spaced evenly in the back of the boat. Way to get a big one for the old man in his last game.” [Ed: Jive Turkey.]

Lew, the Hoosier “I guess coach Spank’Tonio was pulling for the Buckeyes to spare his team the added embarrassment of getting blown out with the Rose Bowl on the line. Zing! Penn State’s a tough team – hopefully they’ll make the Big 10 proud in Pasadena. Speaking of making the Big 10 proud, how ’bout Iowa’s strong finish? Illinois, on the other hand, seems to have fallen off a cliff. Go U Northwestern. Finally, I was happy with Michigan’s effort in the first half down in Columbus, particularly the defensive intensity. That, and a hearty “here’s to next season,” is about all I can muster for my beloved maize and blue — although I am confident Coach Rod will get things righted.”

Biggie the Spartan “This weekend confirmed what we all knew; OSU and PSU are the class of the Big 10. Michigan State was the “king of the dipshits” beating everyone else that was put in front of them. Dantonio has this thing ahead of schedule. MSU’s offensive line was mediocre at best and the depth of talent on this year’s team is suspect to say the least. State should have a better team next year as it continues to build its program.

There is no doubt that the story of the year was Michigan . Going back to the RichRod hiring, the soap opera that ensued for months and the bizarre football season that ended on Saturday.”

Schlimmy, the Bucknut “Wow, what a messed up Saturday in the Big Ten.  First Ohio State dominates the second half to pull away from Michigan, then Penn State pummels the Spartans to claim the Rose Bowl bid, finally Purdue and Iowa both gave serious beat downs to Indiana and Minnesota respectively.

On a negative note where to start…Sparty laid an egg, Illinois won’t go bowling this year, Wisconsin nearly lost to Cal Poly (why are they even playing them this time of year?) Minnesota sure knows how to close out a stadium, even Notre Dame lost to Syracuse. It’s looking like the Big Ten will only get one BCS bid, hopefully the Big Ten can have a successful bowl season, on a final note it’s pretty much a done deal that “Beanie” Wells will forego his senior year and enter the draft.”

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