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Indeed it was a gorgeous day on Senior Day.  A few shots from pregame: 

Brock Mealer

Amazing to see Brock Mealer cruising around the sideline with relative ease!


Too cute!

JT Floyd’s cute daughter doesn’t care what you think!


Jordan Kovacs Stare

Captain Kovacs wondering why none of his classmates bothered to show up for the pregame.  Maybe it was the crappy weather.  [Hoke bear hug].


No Students?

Forgiven.  There was a 3 mph breeze that would cut through anyone in shorts.  Probably best stay home and straighten out the sock drawer.   Plus some clouds started to move in:


Don Lund, Bump Elliott at Michigan-Iowa 2012

Legends: Don Lund and Bump Elliott catching up before the game upstairs


Brendan Gibbons Thumbs up while Rockin it

Gibby gives a thumbs up to the squares with the right, while with the left he’s got a salute to all the badasses out there.  (And you know who you are).


  A photo of Denard Robinson no one will ever copy 

Denard waiting for his moment.  [Hoke bear hug].


Taylor Lewan - Aaron Wellman

Strength coaches and T. Lewan have always been tight.   #77 squeezes a rare smile out of Wellman, while below, remember this monster hug with Barwis after the Gator deBowlcle?

Taylor Lewan - Mike Barwis


Michigan Marching Band - The Cake 2012

Obligatory cake.  Love the Cake.  Everybody loves the Cake.


Michigan Marching Band Drum Major - midfield

This is what Bo was talking to Moeller about.  The Senior Day pregame never disappoints.

MMB Drum Major 


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    1. Great senior day, to be sure. Tremendous to see Brock Mealer up and walking around; amazing to see just how far he’s come. One thing I’ll suggest to Bruce Madej or anyone with influence is that there should be a program for students to donate their student tickets kids from local hospitals (C.S. Mott?) to go to the game in their place. For the students, it would be a way to gracefully address their Saturday morning hangover. For the sick kids, it would be the thrill of their lives, and I seriously doubt that they would be too jaded to cheer loudly for a group of senior football players who have given so much to Michigan football, and made countless trips to Mott themselves. Perfect record at The Big House the last two years. Keep it up, Blue!

    2. GD, nice pics, wish I could of been there.

    3. @Jeff Cummins
      Thanks Jeff. Agree that something should be done with the students. I posted that I really didn’t care (whether they showed up on time or not), but not showing up at all is different — and it was bad Saturday. I wonder if they need to put a section or 2 that was designated for students back on the market.

    4. @Kool Breeze
      Thanks Breeze. When are you coming to the hive?

    5. Greg, I think the sad thing is these students will eventually realize what they missed in about 15-20 years. I’m reluctant to reduce the amount of sections for students, but maybe it’s time. From what I’ve heard, this is a current trend in college football, i.e., that less students actually attend the game. What are they doing, communicating with their friends at the game by text message? Boggles the mind. A tradition in sports unlike any other, and they pass on the opportunity to take part in it.

    6. Sadly, I thought yesterday’s student attendance was actually better than usual this year – and it was still laughably bad at kickoff. A bunch of stragglers made it in by the end of the first quarter to make the student section mostly full, but at kickoff it was bad, and at the pregame ceremony it was embarrassing. We’ve got a long way to go to get this fixed.

      I know the Rich Rod years were tough for a lot of fans, but now that we’ve had two undefeated home seasons in a row (something VERY few programs around the country can claim), there are no more excuses. Next year’s juniors will have never seen a home loss.

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