Filed under for what it is worth, here’s where some of your major (and not so major) sources have Michigan ending up this season. Complete BCS bowl projections are tracked here.

All the major sources have the Wolverines ending up in the BCS. Each also assume M trips up somewhere along the way or doesn’t pass another undefeated squad to make it to New Orleans for the BCS Championship.

CollegeFootballNews ( Michigan vs. Hawaii, Orange Bowl
ESPN (Ivan Maisel): Michigan vs. Texas, Rose Bowl
ESPN (Mark Schlabach): Michigan vs. Oklahoma, Rose Bowl (Stewart Mandel): Michigan vs. Rutgers, Rose Bowl

I think the Rose Bowl is probably the right pick. While you can expect that Michigan would run through the Big Ten schedule up until Wisconsin and Ohio State, there’s still the matter of Oregon and Notre Dame in the next few weeks.

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  1. help??!! my dvd recorder can’t read the disc that the cap. one bowl game was recored on. does anyone out there have a copy of the game in full