[Webmaster’s note: Again for 2009, re-examining the standard stadium gear for the upcoming season, with some tweaks to the ‘07 and ‘08 versions].

Moving on…

Ah, it’s that time of year. Many of you out there are no doubt running through your tailgating gear, grills, food, wares, etc., for the early start on Saturday.  It’s going to be a long day and that’s just before you get to the stadium.

Any fan knows there’s some thought that goes into your in-stadium gear as well—a completely separate exercise.  Once again, here’s a few suggestions for 2009:

1. AM/FM Radio. Forget the latest incarnation of the radio that sticks in your ear, they are unreliable.  Bring in a radio you trust to listen to the play-by-play from Brandy and Beckmann. You’ll get injury reports, sideline observations, statistics and analysis of key plays that are under review (although Brandstatter always seems to think the replay will goes Michigan’s way). Probably most critical: you’ll have a chance to block out the blabber from an idiot nearby that is giving his own play-by-play or screaming at the coaches.
2. M Lid. While not an absolute requirement, it certainly helps to keep that sun from beating down on you.  For those in the North end zone or east side of the field, could be critical.
3. Digital Camera. You never know who you’re going to see at the game or what live action you might catch. 
4. Tickets & Lanyard. Obviously you’ll need those tickets to get in but for the big games I always try to bring in a lanyard to hold the ducats. If nothing else, it makes for easy access to display the ticket on the way back in to refill your Coke Zero. Also gives you some chest coverage if you decide to peel.
5. Your Wallet. Where you keep your bread, Daddy-o. I don’t care how many beers and brats your jammed in your greasy skull at the tailgate, you’ll need at least a drink or two and something to eat at the game.
6. Seat Cushion. It serves so many purposes. First, it marks your spot in the tight M stadium rows. Next, it provides some comfort to your bony arse. Finally, it actually gives you an extra inch of torso height above the guy in front of you.  Don’t think that matters? Try it sometime – it does.
7. Phone/PDA/Blackberry. In case something crazy happens you’ll need to call your boys. And the “other scores” communication at M stadium is lackluster at best. You’ll need your device to keep current on the big games of the day. For you gambling degenerates this of course is a must.
8. Keys. While most the folks in my section have keyless entry to their luxury sleds, you still don’t want to forget your keys. Keep them in your pocket. It is no longer cool to shake your keys during a “key play”.
9. Seeds. A personal preference of the webmaster but I always enjoy a few seeds to help cut the tension .
10. Shades. Similar reason as the hat. If you’re in the North or East sides of the field they are mandatory. Wear them for no other reason than to hide your pickled bloodshot peepers.
11. All In Towel.  Many of you think it’s dumb and that’s fine.  Rodriguez cares about it, he could use some support so bring it in.

image Semi-optional:  Last year I suggested you bring your anxiety drug of choice to deal with the delays getting in and out of the stadium due to the construction.  It really wasn’t a problem, at least more than usual.  
Turns out there were bigger things to be concerned about in 2008 and Saturday was a must win before the Freep report.  If you can’t deal with a tense game you might want to consider packing some medicated relief.


  1. Where is the hidden flask?

  2. Greg (MVictors)

    (it’s hidden, man). Or tuck it in your kid’s coat.

  3. For those of us beyond Row 60 or so, you forgot something very important…….


  4. What about suntan lotion?

  5. Maybe update your 2004 blackberry and 2000 brick camera and you could get pics / phone / with streaming play by play all in one device. Just saying…

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