Rich Rodriguez joined Colin Cowherd this afternoon and talked about a few NFL draft prospects in the Big Ten.

I pick up the audio where he’s discussing Steve Schilling (and he mentioned Perry Dorrestein).   Then Cowherd asks about the final days at Michigan which he likens it to Shawshank – he tunneled through the foul crap/drama, but didn’t make it to the good stuff (fixing crappy old boats in Zihuatanejo).

No surprise but RR clearly wants to coach again and is realistic about finding something in the next few weeks.



  1. Should have never fired him. I get why he got fired and this is not a knock on Coach Hoke, who is a classy guy, but it was not right to only give him 3 years and fire him in the process of rebuilding. I have no doubt that we would have been better next year even under RR.

    • But, he was fired. So, its time to move on :)

    • Sometimes, what's "unfair" to a coach is fair to the program, and vice-versa. Maybe we would have been a little better under RR, but would that have mattered? Say we'd have gone 8-4, with losses to MSU and OSU again. Would Michigan fans have accepted that? At this point I'm happy to start afresh with a guy who isn't carrying a ton of baggage and getting regularly bashed in the press.

  2. I would disagree with his Shawshank analogy. RR couldn't save us from our regular sessions with the Sistas.

  3. We only talk about coaches that coach for Michigan.

  4. BadBadLeroyBrown

    Time for the Michigan family to get busy living or get busy dying.