Fellow Michigan grads (and my classmates) The Sklar Brothers filled in for Jim Rome today and interviewed Rich Rodriguez in the third hour. Here’s the audio from the interview:

Coach Rod talks about the Ann Arbor community, offers his disdain for those lousy, rumor-spreading bloggers [hey!], talks about the challenge his coaches present to players [perhaps a subtle response to the Boren thing] and admits he doesn’t care for River dancing.

You may know Jason and Randy Sklar from ESPN’s Cheap Seats or for their cameos on HBO’s Entourage. Or you may have seen them cut in line at Backroom in 1992, getting a greasy slice at 2am. I saw their stand-up act a couple years back and it was hilarious.

FWIW: For Sklar fans, a few beauties today:
– Made reference to being “haunted by the ghost of Sergio Garcia’s career.”
– Mentioned that the plastic-surgery riddled Olympian Bruce Jenner is starting to look like “all my friends’ moms”.
– Last time on Rome offered that a friend saw the Philly Fanatic at a bar mitzvah and maintains that the mascot head smelled like “Doritos, Jagermeister, and broken dreams.”

UPDATE: Jim Carty spoke to Coach Rod as well and RR directly addressed the Boren comments, from MLive:

“Anybody who would make any comment about our values is way off-base,” the coach told The News via phone Thursday. “The people who know the staff, who know what we’re putting together here will tell you just the opposite as far as what’s been reported. … My players and my coaches are my family. They’re coached that way.

“But we’re not going to apologize for being demanding. We told that to the players. We also told them our job is to take them some place they can’t take themselves, on the field and off the field, and I think the majority of our players understand that.”

“I’m going to coach every player like I was coaching my own son,” Rodriguez said. “That to me is the biggest testament. If my son was here, I’m planning on coaching him the very same way.

“I think sometimes players take things personally, but we tell them not to take it personally when we’re trying to coach you. They have to adapt. Sometimes players get close to a position coach and if he’s not there, there’s a transition period. But our track record as far as treating players right and having a great level of mutual respect has always been there. This is not my first rodeo, and I think if you went back and asked the majority of guys about their experience playing in our program, they’d feel pretty good about it.”

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  2. Don’t hold your breath on that ‘happy memory’ thing. I’m fondly remember you paying your debt. Ass-clown.

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