Ricky Leach!

From the MLive summary of the 2008 Michigan Football Bust, here’s former dual threat quarterback Rick Leach who was at the bust representing the 30th anniversary of the 1978 team:

“I’ll make you a promise before I go,” he said. “My promise to you is, I know that day’s coming. Maybe you had your fun and got your pound of flesh out of Michigan after 33 years. I don’t care if it’s Mark Dantonio, Charlie Weis or – you better believe it – Jim Tressel. Your freakin’ day is coming.”

Then Rodriguez added this gem:

“Rick Leach, you’ve been a true friend,” Rodriguez said. “I know there’s media here, so some things I would like to say maybe I shouldn’t. But all the things you said Rick Leach, amen.”

Leachapalooza: The Best of Rick Leach on WTKA 12-09


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  5. I’ve known Ricky since he was just a small boy and have loved watching him grow up to be the athlete he became. I haven’t seen him or his dad Dick for some time now.
    I’m happy to see he is backing Rich Rodriguez because we all need to give Rich time to develop this team the way he wants to and ,”OH! YES,” we will have our day against that team south of us.
    I’m a retired old geezer but will ALWAYS bleed MAIZE & BLUE!! GO BLUE, Bill Swan

  6. Ricky

    I don’t know if this is you or not. If it is how are you doing? I live in Texas.