Check out some audio from Jim Rome today. He went pretty hard at Rich Rodriguez over the snafu with with #1 jersey and the Braylon Edwards comments.

Rome’s take on this. “Either you didn’t know or you didn’t care. Both bad.” He went off pretty hard on RR.

Here’s specifically what Braylon Edwards said on ESPN, where he alleges that Rodriguez gave the prized number to a DB:

“I am already mad that Rich Rod because he gave the No. 1 jersey to someone other than a wide receiver, which is breaking tradition,” Edwards said. “But I think he is a great coach and will lead Michigan to a turnaround.”

His comments on Mike Tirico’s ESPN Radio show also Tuesday were a bit more pointed.

“I’m glad you gave me a Go Blue question because Rich Rod gave the No. 1 jersey to an incoming freshman DB and the No. 1 jersey has never been worn by anybody outside of a wide receiver,” Edwards said. “It dates back to Anthony Carter, (Greg) McMurtry, Tyrone Butterfield, Derrick Alexander, David Terrell, and yours truly. So I’m going to have a talk with him about that the next time I see him.”

My take? Hold up here. Let’s not take one incident, possibly a mistake, and turn Rodriguez into Bill Callahan. Let’s see what he says and how this plays out.


  1. Agree wait and see, hopefully Coach Rod back pedals and changes this. Edwards was generous. This doesn’t sound like Coach Rod. He has been big being part of the family and tradition.

  2. Rome is a Rectum

    IT has not been determined yet WHO, if anyone, will get the #1 jersey per the University’s athletic department. Rome is jumping the gun.

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  4. Jim Rome:

    “It’s unbelievable (loooonnnnnggg pause) Rack him!!!! (Loooonnnggggg pause) RR doesn’t get it (short pause) Does he not know? (semi-long pause) HUGE call today…LOVE IT!!! (looonnnggg pause) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    That is Jim Rome all day every day. His opinion means about as much to me as wet, hot, garbage.

  5. I wonder if Jim Rome knows Michigan leads the U-M vs OSU rivalry outcomes?

  6. My favorite line of the take was “you get rolled up by the vest every year”. Damn I can’t wait until November 22nd.

  7. Rome is such a piece-of-shit…he talks soooo much trash it’s unbelievable…how did anyone find this? They shouldn’t be listening to this d-bag anyways…I can’t believe he still has a show…I wish someone would kick his ass Jim “check that Chris” Everett style, again…

  8. I think he did know, and I think he didn’t care. He appears to always be doing things to show that he’s not a Michigan Man and wanting to do things a new way. I’m all for changing how Michigan plays, but to change tradition and not care, is just wrong. Hopefully it will change.

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  10. Looks to me like RR has a lot to learn about the Michigan tradition. If RR’s staff didn’t know the importance of that number then he should listen to some of Bo Schembechler’s audio clips.

  11. I love the tradition of #1 but prior to AC, the #1 jersey was worn by a kicker.

    Since then, it has always been used as a recruiting tool. Braylon has a right to be pissed, but it really is not that big of a deal.

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  13. This is a big deal and needs to be corrected.(if true) This is spring ball, did anyone say that #1 was officially issued to anyione for the actual 2008 season yet??? I think RR has enough respect for tradition to respect this wonderful honor for a worthy wideout. The whole nation seems to bee on the poor guys back, the last thing he needs to do now is upset the Michigan folks as well!

  14. Sorry for typing issues, now I remember why U of M did not take me. But ohio St. and Sparty sure did. it’s 4 in the morning here in Florida, so give me a break. As for Rome, he can be pretty funny at times but what an ego! And if you don’t agree with him, you want to pull him through the tube and give him the beatdown he has had coming for quite some time now.