Apparently the unwritten rule prohibiting cheering in the press box got a temporary stay on Saturday, at least according to writer Thayer Evans who was covering the Notre Dame for the New York Times ‘Quad Blog’ [HT: Faulkner]:

Central Michigan beat Michigan State on a 42-yard field goal with 3 seconds left. As the game’s final minute ticked away before the start of the game here, news media in the press box gathered around televisions to watch.

Central Michigan initially missed a potential game-winning 47-yard field goal, but got to try the kick again after Michigan State was penalized for being offside. The announcement of the penalty that set up the game-winner prompted clapping and an announcement in the press box.

“Cheering is not allowed in the press box,” the announcer said, “but it is right now.”


  1. That’s fantastic!

  2. I was in the stands for the ND Ga. Tech game 2 years ago – the day of the infamous App State game – the roar that the crowd let up to the baited announcement was semi-disturbing. But hey – if I had a problem it was mine and I shouldn’t have been there. I don’t like to see our future opponents losing – until it’s to us – but even I found myself cheering for the Chips Saturday afternoon.