“Head!  Do you want to go to a football game?  I’ve got your GIANT TICKET right here!”

It’s always a great day when season tickets arrive.   This year’s cover art features various views of Michigan Stadium from over the years including a great shot on the original construction in 1927.  The shot is taken (I believe) some time prior to the dedication as it doesn’t include the temporary seating around the bowl that Yost  fashioned prior to the Ohio State game.   Very well done, here’s the UMass ticket:

If that’s the Ohio Wesleyan game, then coach Red Simmons is in this photo 

As a bonus you also get a super sized ticket to the UConn game.   I mean it’s bigger than life itself.  HUGE:


Don’t have season tickets?  Never fear, StubHub is here:


  1. Those are fantastic looking tickets. I can wait to have my pseudo-season package sent to me of the non-awesome tickets, but hey, I'll still have all 7 games.

  2. Chrisgocomment

    awesome 'shop job