Not much news with former WTKA morning host Dave Shand and his case against Michigan athletic director Bill Martin. Latest I’ve heard from Shand’s legal team is that Martin has filed a motion to dismiss the suit and that this is going to be heard on November 28. As I understand it, Martin is claiming he is immune from the suit because he’s a government official. Umm…ok.

I’ve seen some harsh comments directed at the athletic department lately in light of the Artis Chambers mess. Perhaps Martin & company should have spent more time worrying about tracking eligibility and less time worrying about talk show hosts?

Meanwhile the morning show has been taken over by Gobluewolverine’s Sam Webb with sidekick Andy Evans. Their show, “The Michigan Insider with Sam Webb” has a long way to go. They certainly benefit from this being football season and as usual, there’s never a dull moment in covering Lloyd Carr’s camp. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Webb’s show after the regular season and especially after the bowls. Love or hate Shand, I think his show had the ability to draw in the occasional non-Wolverine fanatic, and I’m not sure if Webb and Evans can pull that off.

We’ve also seen the return of Shand’s original show on Sunday mornings- Off The Field. Author John Bacon returns as the straight man and they did a good job filling in Shand’s former role with Jamie Morris. Morris doesn’t bring the colorful commentary that Shand provided but he adds value as a Michigan legend and as an employee of the athletic department. But I think that’s where Morris falls short: He can’t really comment on anything controversial (he basically dodged the Artis Chambers situation this past Sunday) for obvious reasons.


  1. Sam’s show is ok and before 9:00 on certain days better with others involved. The station has a real problem with the afternoon show HUGE is a complete joke.

    I do not want updates of MSU and Western, Central and the guy bashes Michigan every second he can get

  2. I never really thought about Jamie Morris doing radio before, but he’s perfect for a job like that.

    Thanks for your continuing coverage of this story. Shand was one of my favorite professors and I loved the radio show, so I’m really rooting for him.

  3. Chaz in Ann Arbor

    I turned off WTKA the day after they fired Dave Shand and never turned it back on. I was one of those non-wolverine fans that tuned in just to hear Wickett and Shand (and then just Shand). What I would love to see is for Dave Shand to hook up with FSN and the Wings broadcasts… Maybe Larry Murphy could get him in the door.

  4. I was disappointed to see that Shand was fired. I do hope this suit goes well for him. It would be great to get him on a Wings-centered show on 97.1/1270.

    I don’t listen to TKA much anymore either. I know they’re Ann Arbor based and everything, but I don’t want to hear 4 straight hours of how Michigan beat ND. I will listen during the Herd (ESPN), though.

  5. The day WTKA fired Shand is the last day I will listen to that crap station.

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