just learned that recently fired WTKA morning show host Dave Shand has decided to take on Bill Martin. Shand emailed the MVictors: “We filed a federal suit this morning against Bill Martin. Just wanted to let you know.”

I guess Dave doesn’t plan on renewing his football or hockey tickets anytime in the next century.

Developing. We requested more info on the suit, we’ll post updates here as we get them.

For all the history on the Shand dismissal, including MVictors exclusive quotes from Shand, click here.

UPDATE 6pm: The Ann Arbor News is on the story, just posted on, more to come in tomorrow’s paper:

Fired radio host sues Michigan athletic director
Posted by Sports reporter John Heuser July 24, 2007 17:39PM

Categories: Breaking News
Former Ann Arbor sports radio host Dave Shand has sued University of Michigan athletic director Bill Martin, claiming that Martin “essentially used economic blackmail” to force his firing.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in downtown Ann Arbor, alleged that Martin told Shand’s bosses at WTKA-AM (1050) that station would lose its rights to broadcast Michigan football unless it dismissed Shand.

“Either way you slice it, it’s illegal for Bill Martin to interfere in Dave’s private employment contract,” said Nicholas Roumel, Shand’s attorney.

When Shand was fired in April, the station’s general manager, Bob Bolak, declined to discuss the reasons behind the move. Bolak could not be reached for immediate comment Tuesday afternoon.

Shand said he believes he angered Martin by making on-air comments that were critical of the athletic director or other aspects of Michigan’s athletic department.

Shand, a lawyer who attended Michigan as both an undergraduate and law school student, is seeking damages exceeding $75,000.

Martin declined to comment Tuesday, saying he had been unaware of the lawsuit.

For more on this story, see Wednesday’s Ann Arbor News.

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  1. Wow. Thanks for breaking this. This will finally lead to a significant public reaction and is sure to rock the athletic department, if not the entire U. Brace yourselves….