Whew!  Local sports talk radio was quite a hoot today, as Rodriguez was thoroughly blasted by the folks that come out whenever Michigan loses, and they came strong today.   For those out of town, here’s a snip of mgoblog’s Brian Cook on WTKA 1050AM this afternoon. 

He and co-host Mark Copeland fielded mostly angry calls like this one, which caused Cook to snap when the listener likened Rodriguez to former Spartan head coach John L. Smith:


That’s good radio.  And props to Cook for demanding the call be ended when he did.  While stringing this guy out evoked a lot of the great commentary (and I don’t have a problem with people taking shots at Rodriguez/Michigan), one criticism I have of WTKA is they let many of these callers go way too long.  Keep in mind this clip only captures a portion of that dude’s call [here’s the entire segment].  

Another thing that’s getting annoying, and was part of that call, is all the folks talking about what Bo Schembechler did/ didn’t do when he was coaching, and what he would/wouldn’t do if he still had an office on campus.  It’s getting pretty tired and it’s got to be bordering on offensive to those who knew Bo best, and maybe moreso to those that are still here.  Former WDFN host Mike Stone covered for Sam Webb last week, and spoke a little to John U. Bacon about what Bo would have handled if he were here [audio].   Bacon talking about it is one thing, but I wish callers and other pundits would dial down the WWBD rhetoric.

Shemy’s Suit –>  Speaking of Bo, sadly it looks like there’s trouble with his estate and probably even worse, between his son Glenn III (Shemy) and Bo’s third wife Cathy.  Now that’s something Bo could fix if he were here.


  1. formerlyanonymous

    That definitely didn’t sound like Brian snapping. That sounded like the clip of RR talking tea and crumpets.

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  3. I really haven’t said anything about RR in the past. I’ve figured there are some in the fanbase whom are waaaaay too emotional and it’s way too easy in this day and age to get caught up in the hysteria. Plus, he hasn’t even been here two full seasons yet and we need to give the guy a chance.

    I will say however that I am starting to have my doubts about RR as the coach.

    1. I HATE the rotating captain idea. Among the players, this team needs some formal leadership and there needs to be some continuity in the locker room. There appears to be none right now.

    2. I’m sick and freaking tired of hearing about how RR needs “his players”. I’m not going to debate, a la Rick Leach, whether or not the cupboard was bare but Coach, you need to worry more about coaching players instead of coaching a system. Quit being so stubborn and try maximizing the attributes of the players we have right now.

    3. Yes, the players are the ones on the field making the plays, not the coach. But the coaching staff has the responsibility to prepare this team. With the exception of the first five minutes against both Illinois and State Penn, this team looks confused and lost.

    I think there has been something like 15 turnovers in their last 3 games (DSU was the pre-season game that RR was crying about in August; it doesn’t count in my book). The complete lack of basic football fundamentals we see now are just like last year… ball security, basic tackling, etc. This team has regressed horribly. Again, that’s on the coach.

    These kids were obviously good enough to be recruited, these kids obviously knew how to play football in high school, what is happening in their transition from HS to Michigan that they have totally forgotten basic things like how to handle the football??? That’s coaching folks… RR, you need quit worrying about your damn system so much and start focusing on your players!!!